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Why we love the Paolo soccer boot


Soccer boots are an important factor when it comes to being serious about your craft on the soccer field. They are ultimately the defining factor between a good and bad performance on the field.

We love Mille’s Paolo soccer boots because of the shape that it comes in. Most soccer boots are designed so that they enhance how a player handles the ball. For example, the front upper portion (whether the shoe has laces or not) remains as flat and smooth as possible so that the ball can be perfectly perched onto the front portion of the shoe to allow for the perfect shot.

It also doesn’t hurt that the shoe comes in navy and orange which makes for a perfect colour combination. Mille has come out with a soccer boot that is equally functional as it is appealing. It is light enough to let your ball skills shine through and not hinder with that, as well as comfortable enough to allow your performance to be at the highest level. To see the Paolo soccer boot in action, visit our website on 

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