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Why we love the Lazzero sneaker


Who doesn’t like a comfortable sneaker that will keep them snug while looking good. The Lazzero sneaker is all this and more.

This men’s sneaker which is a camo lo, is perfect for the outdoors because they are built to keep your foot (especially your ankles) intact and safe while you go about your business. We love the Lazzero sneaker not only because of its build but also because of its fatigue colour that reminds us to channels our inner military and GI Jane.

This sneaker is perfect with dark coloured skinny jeans and a white light sweater, so that it remains the centre of attention. Many would want to shy away from this type of sneaker because of the bright colour it comes in, if anything this type of sneaker makes putting together an outfit that much more easier as you can work with mostly neutral colours and let the shoe make the statement.

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