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Millé - Celebrity inspired athleisure wear

Celebrity inspired athleisure wear


Athleisure wear is a big trend at the moment. It fuses two essential looks: athletic and leisure, to create an outfit that doesn’t necessarily live at the gym.

This trend is more common overseas where celebrities are creating their own clothing lines that are motivated by their active lifestyles, which they share on social media. The irony though is that now more than ever, athleisure is seen more outside of the gym than inside, thus making it a casual way of dressing for those on the go.

The clothes are important as they are the focal point of the outfit  but the shoes are equally as important as they also make a statement. This doesn’t necessarily only mean trainers but casual running shoes as well.

Mille has always put pride in the wide variety of footwear that they have for the whole family. The Mille shoe range is suitable for different occasions and works perfectly for the athleisure trend as well.

Our range is available across the country and is suitable for everyone.  To see our range, visit our website at

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