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Why Tweens love Millé


Sneakers have been a major trend over the last few years and it seems that this year it has reached its peak, with a certain hip hop and designer continuously launching his sneaker collaboration. Here at Millé, whilst we’re happy that everyone is getting on board with the most awesomest of shoes, this news hardly comes as a surprise to us because we love Millé sneakers so much.

It must be said that sneakers are a particular favourite amongst tweens and teenagers. If you think about it the sneaker is the perfect shoe for those members of Gen Z; not only are they the most appropriate footwear for day to day use, but they are so comfortable! Many kids between the ages of 9 and 14 become aware of the concept of “cool” and feel that looking great is as important as feeling great and that’s why we suggest Millé as the perfect kids sneaker.

Available in a range of styles and colours, there is no sneaker more awesome for your tween than the Millé sneaker. For more information and the most affordable and trendy sneakers, or to find your nearest retailer, simply take a look at our website here. And remember #LetsGetIt!

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