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When you think of your favourite super hero you probably think of Batman, Spiderman or Superman. But what about the one man in your life who doesn’t wear a cape and spandex? What about the guy who made sure that there were no monsters under your bed every night? The guy who killed any bug, could fix any bike and who made the best pancakes around? Who are we referring to? That would be your dad of course. It must be said that dads are awesome and although moms get a lot of recognition, at Millé we thought it would be great to give a shout out to all the dads out there, especially as Father’s Day 2017 is just around the corner.

At Millé we know that a gift every now and then is the perfect way to make dad feel special and we have the most amazing range of men’s sneakers for you to spoil your dad with.

For the stylish dad who is more Ralph Lauren than rugby, the sneaker for him has to be the Millé Men’s Josh Trainer.  Available in three colours, black, grey and chocolate brown, these are the men’s sneakers that your pops can rock with confidence.

For the dad who is more golf course than Gucci, the perfect sneaker for him would be the Millé Men’s Melon Sneaker, built for comfort and style, these sneakers will have your dad looking good on the green from the moment of tee-off to the time he hits the clubhouse for those after play refreshments .

At Millé, we cater to every taste and whether your dad is Mr Corporate or Mr Comfort, we will know that we will have the perfect pair of Men’s Sneakers for your dad. To take a look at our selection of Men’s sneakers or to find your closest retailer, simply click here

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