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Mille Sneakers for Men


It has been said that a woman can never have too many shoes or handbags. We don’t know about the handbag thing here at Millé, but we agree that there is no such thing as too many shoes. But if women can never have enough shoes, what does that say for men? That they should go without? Of course not.

At Millé, we believe that men get just as much enjoyment from shoes as their ladies. At Millé, we have some awesome athletic footwear for men, whether it’s on the field or off that these sneakers will be worn.

For the man that loves nothing more than playing soccer, likening yourself to Lionel Messi, you have to go with the Victor Soccer Boot from Millé. The reality of the situation is that the boots don’t make the player, but they help.  The Victor Soccer Boot offers grip and support and is best suited to natural grass surfaces but can be used on artificial surfaces as well. Basically, these boots might not turn you into the next Cristiano Ronaldo but they will become your best friend on the pitch.

If you’re a man who is more into watching soccer at the sports bar, than a man who enjoys playing sport, you need not worry because Millé also has sneakers for you. The MNS Shimzar Sneaker is the ideal shoe for you if you enjoy a more laid back look. The perfect sneaker to wear with any casual outfit, you can team your Shimzar Sneakers with your favourite pair of jeans or shorts if you’re feeling the summertime vibes.

Sneakers and soccer boots are all well and good but what about shoes that offer breathability? Millé has that covered as well! The Millé Pola Sandal is the perfect shoe for lazy days spent around the pool, drink in hand and barbeque on the go. Offered in black mono and navy mono, these sandals are the comfort your feet have been looking for.

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