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Millé - Mens Oliva Neoprene Hi Sneaker

Mens Oliva Neoprene Hi Sneaker


We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again- sneakers are lifetime staple in a person’s wardrobe. Everyone from your four-year-old nephew to your 94-year-old great granddad can rock a pair of sneakers. Here at Mille we are always up on the latest trends and in 2017 the hi-top sneaker is the hottest shoe to have. Alright, it can be argued that the hi-top sneaker has been around for many a year, but this time Mille has taken the humble hi-top sneaker to the next level.

The Mille Men’s Oliva Neoprene Hi Sneaker is the stuff of dreams. It’s the pair of sneakers every guy wants to be seen in. If you are looking to enhance your wardrobe with a little bit of street style, this is the pair for you. With an awesome mesh and nylon combination, mock laces and a neoprene sock detail around the ankle. Made in black with red and white accents these are the sneakers that you can wear in the comfort of home or to your 9am varsity class.

Guaranteed to keep you looking cool, the Mille Men’s Oliva Neoprene Hi Sneaker is the men’s sneaker that favours the bold, the young at heart and the guy who’s on top of the latest trends.

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