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Millé - Ladies, Sneakers Are The Only Shoes You Need

Ladies, Sneakers Are The Only Shoes You Need


Women don’t always agree on everything but there is one thing that does get general consensus- uncomfortable shoes suck! It’s for this very reason that we, here at Millé love, love, love our sneakers. 

High heels are the obvious choice when it comes to looking glam but if you’ve ever spent more than 3 hours in a pair of stilettos you’ll know the pain that comes with having your heels raised 4 inches off the ground. Sneakers, on the other hand can do the job effortlessly whilst still making you feel stylish, after all, who said that you can only wear sneakers casually? Why not throw on your fave pair of Millé sneakers, a little black pencil skirt, a cool crop top, a leather jacket and a killer pair of sunnies and kick it street style? 

Sneakers are awesome not just because they can be dressed up, but because you can take them from the office to the gym, and even to date night when you want to shake up your look a bit.  And if you are looking for the perfect sneaker to get comfortable and stylish with then there is no better shoe than the Millé Ladies Destiny Lace-Up. In keeping with the hottest fashion trends for winter 2017, the Ladies Destiny Lace-Up comes in a brilliant turquoise blue and white, cerise and turquoise, a red and white, making for the ultimate eye-catching, fashion statement this winter. 

Other being able to dress them up or down or however you like, sneakers are the perfect shoe because not only do they look fantastic, they’re the type of shoe that makes your feet happy- how else do you think Ellen DeGeneres manages to dance around her studio like that? Ladies, let us just say when you purchase a pair of Millé sneakers, they’ll become your new BFF- you’ll be able to take on any flight of stairs, sprint to any bus, and catch any wayward child. They can be worn come rain or snow, sleet or sunshine (unlike ballet flats and heels which just get soggy). Heck, unlike heels, they’ll happily carry you over lush green lawns, no more worrying about sinking into the grass. 

Millé doesn’t just cater to women, but also men and kids. With an awesome selection of sneakers for sale, football boots, and men’s trainers, we are the place to buy sneakers #letsgogetit. Check out our website for further information and to view our products here

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