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It has to be said that Millé is probably not the biggest or most well-known sneaker brand around. We don’t have celebs like Kanye or Rihanna designing shoes for us but what we do have is heart, passion and the desire to please our customers and bring you the best and most awesome sneakers imaginable so that you can create a stir in your Millé sneakers

What makes Mille such and amazing sneaker brand is that we offer a diversity. We have sneakers for mom, sneakers for dad and kicks for the kids too. Millé has sneakers for everyone, from your hipster teenager who always has to be looking fly as, to your 85-year-old granddad who knows how to keep it real at his weekly card game. We live to bring our clients a wide range of sneakers, from amazing high tops, to men’s sliders and even the cutest sneakers for your baby and toddler. Trust us when we say that when your friends and family see you wearing Millé sneakers, they will become the topic of conversation.

With fabulous prints, to the hottest styles and even soccer boots for the more athletically outgoing, we have it all at Millé and we know that you will find the perfect pair of sneakers to suit your style and kick up a stir! For more information and to view our range of footwear, take a look here!

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